soclean 2 cpap cleaner

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Review

soclean 2 cpap cleaner

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Review

Hi I’m Chris and I’m going to show you about your SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer – it is a machine that actually can help you get away from the sink cleaning your CPAP equipment.

I’ve been setting up CPAP’s for years and one of the things that people tend to either not like or not do is actually clean the mask, the hose and the the CPAP water reservoir on a regular basis. It’s extremely important because bacteria loves to grow and mold loves to grow in that CPAP equipment because of the water, the darkness & warmth, it is really a perfect environment for bacteria to grow in your CPAP equipment.

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How Does the SoClean 2 Clean my CPAP?

So now we have the SoClean – which is a simple machine that actually creates ozone. It generates ozone and it pumps that ozone into and through your CPAP supplies. Your hose, mask, water reservoir.

It even cleans the water inside of the water reservoir using ozone and what we’ve learned is that ozone actually does kill 99.9% of any mold and bacteria that might be present. So what I’m going to share with you today is a little bit about the SoClean machine and how to connect up your  CPAP to the SoClean 2 machine.

Setting up Your SoClean 2

When you get a brand new SoClean 2, one of the first things that you’re going to want to do is go ahead and get it plugged in and then you’ll notice there are several buttons you’re going to use to set the time. So you just press the button to set the current time. You just simply press the clock button and then the plus or the minus until you get the time set at your actual current time. After you have your current time set you’re going to want to tell the SoClean 2 machine a couple of things.

One how many minutes do you want this machine to run. It’s defaulted at seven minutes because seven minutes is typically enough time for the SoClean 2 machine to generate that ozone and do its job. You do have the option to increase or decrease that, it goes up to twelve but I would recommend just leave it at seven unless you have some other reason to increase the time.

The next thing you want to do is set the time that you want the SoClean to to begin its work again I tell most of my customers 10 a.m. So let me explain what’s going to happen at 10 a.m. this machine as long as you have your CPAP hose going into the slot with the lid shut at 10 a.m.

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Cleaning Your CPAP Machine

The machine is going to begin to run. It’s going to run for seven minutes. During that seven minutes, you’ll see a red light and after the seven minutes it’s going to actually stop creating the ozone but you will begin to see a yellow light and you’ll see the yellow light on for up to two hours.

What that means is that the machine generates the ozone for seven minutes but you need to keep the lid shut for the full two hour period after that amount of time that yellow light turns green and when you see the green light then obviously you’re good to go you can open your SoClean 2 with a clean CPAP mask tube and reservoir.

What’s Inside the SoClean

So now let’s look inside.  There is a button that opens up the lid. Inside you have a couple of components that are important.

One is the filter, it actually changes the ozone back into regular oxygen as it’s leaving the machine so it’s important to keep this filter in place and change it out on a regular basis.

Secondly you’ve got a little piece and the purpose for it is it allows you to put your CPAP tube in to the left or or the right side and so whichever side you’re not using this adapter has to go in place. So that this little button will be depressed it’s either depressed by the adapter or it’s depressed by the hose when the hose goes in.

So that’s important to have in place. So now let’s talk about how to connect this up to your to your CPAP machine.

cpap cleaner & desanitizer

Connecting Your CPAP Machine

I happen to have an Air Sense 10 CPAP model.  SoClean sells adapters that allow you to connect most makes of CPAP machines.  So you have to pull  out your water reservoir, open the lid.

Now we connect that in there. I already have the climate line attached and in this case we’re using the Swift FX CPAP interface any mask is fine though it could be a full face mask just a nasal mask as you know there’s hundreds of different masks out there this one happens to be my favorite and so I’m going to demonstrate by using this one.

So what you want to do is now next the long hose that we talked about in the beginning.

I want to mention a couple of things about this first of all it has a check valve in the hose the only purpose for this little check valve is to make sure that there’s no way water from the CPAP machine can actually get into the CPAP machine and damage the electronics in the CPAP machine. This little check valve needs to be replaced every six months just to ensure that you’re taking care of your CPAP machine.

So the end of this tube is going to go right on to that water chamber. Just get it on there securely.

So whenever you’re ready to actually put the mask in the SoClean, all you have to do is now just wake up in the morning take your mask off open the lid drop your mask in there whichever one it may be. Shut your lid and you’re done, that’s it. That’s all the cleaning that’s necessary.

The machine is going to generate the ozone, it’s going to come out of the machine through the black tubing. Now that ozone is going to come from that black tubing into your water chamber and I don’t know if you can tell but that black tube actually goes all the way down underneath the level of the water so the ozone will bubble through the water cleaning the water. The ozone is going to go into the CPAP machine. It’s going to go through your tubing and it’s going to go into the chamber where it will sit. It’s going to be generated again for seven minutes but it’s going to sit in this system for about two hours with that yellow light on and as soon as that green light comes on you’re good to go. Pop this sucker open put your CPAP mask on at night and you’re good for another night.

So it’s just a cycle that you do every single day and that’s one of the cool things about it for me is that is that now instead of the burden of cleaning your CPAP equipment you know on on a weekly basis or however often you’ve been cleaning your CPAP equipment now it’s going to get cleaned every single day because it’s so easy. I mean seriously just put the put the mask into the into the SoClean  and it actually comes on by itself at whatever time you have selected. It does its little thing and it’s a wonderful machine.

so clean 2 cpap cleaner & desanitizer

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