So Clean 2 CPAP Cleaner Review

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Cleaning your CPAP machine can be a pain! In this in depth review of the So Clean 2 I discuss the pros and cons of the So Clean 2 and whether you should buy it.
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please note: I Do not work for so clean.

0:03 Fun intro! 😉
0:16 Is this review for you?
00:34 Pros and Cons
00:39 Pro: The Biggest benefit…
01:17 Side note: Don’t buy the Travel version of the So Clean
02:21 Pro #2 Convenience
02:40 Cons:
03:26 What do you need to clean?
03:37 Hidden cost: adapter? (depends on the model) UPDATE: The so clean ships with a free adapter for your CPAP.
03:58 Con: Noise?
If it were better:
04:17 Aesthetics
04:50 Color options?
5:23 Should you buy one?
06:01 Disclosure/Disclaimer
6:21 Conclusion: do what works for you…
06:47 Awkward sign off tag line

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Please note:
This video represents an opinion.
I, Ilan Persing do not work for so clean. I do not have any affiliation with soclean or their products. Apnea Hero does not have any affiliation with soclean or their products.
Please consult a medical professional regarding anything related to your health, including but not limited to sleep apnea, and CPAP, and so clean.

If you elect to purchase a soclean product you assume all risk including but not limited to negligence, failure to read instructions and so forth.