Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Reviews – CPAP Sanitizing Companion

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is a lightweight CPAP sanitizing companion that quickly removes 99% of germs, mold, and bacteria in just 3 steps! Avoid the greater threats of ending up being ill with an unclean CPAP by instantly cleaning your mask, tubing, device, and more with the power of activated- oxygen.

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is a complete package is all you need to sterilize any CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP tool; including the mask, heated and non-heated tubing, and water chamber at one time. We suggest changing the bag every 3 months with everyday usage.


Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner screen is basic however efficiently interacts the cleansing battery life, cycle countdown, and signals you in case the filter bag isn’t properly connected. In truth, Sleep8 CPAP cleaner will shut down when the sensing unit finds that the bag is not linked correctly. This is a significant advantage over the some the other CPAP sanitizer products in the market.

There is no setup needed and running Sleep8 CPAP cleaner machine is an incredibly easy process. Plug in your CPAP tubing to the built-in adapter situated within the included filter bag. Next, insert all of your to be cleaned up CPAP devices into the filter bag. Link the Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer device to the port found at the outside of the filtered bag. Make sure the filter bag is closed and hit Start button. A cleansing process will take roughly one hour.

Simply put your CPAP machine inside the Sleep8 filtered bag and press start button, after an hour the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner will instantly shut off , leaving you with fresh, sanitized CPAP tool for immediate use. By utilizing ozone or activated oxygen to disinfect your CPAP without the usage of extreme chemicals and your CPAP humidifier ,tubes and masks simultaneously.