Need motivation to change your diet? See what she did (lost 100 pounds) thumbnail

Need motivation to change your diet? See what she did (lost 100 pounds)

I receive countless emails each year from people who’ve lost significant weight and dramatically improved their health when they stopped eating processed food… but this email that I’m sharing with you today simply Blew. Me. Away.

“I have been disabled for 23 years and even had a wheelchair, a cane, and was mostly bedbound. I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, depression, anxiety, and used to have sleep apnea. I started doing research into my food and health. I read a lot about what FoodBabe said and cut the toxins from my food, started changing my diet, and trying to walk a little every day. I have been able to lose over 100lbs, get off of most of the meds that I was on including methadone which was killing me and gave me central sleep apnea as well as obstructive apnea. I was able to wean off it and with the weight loss got rid of sleep apnea altogether. I brought my diabetic a1c test down from 7.9 to 5.6. I have 50 more lbs to lose and hope that I can get off insulin then. I am on a fraction of the insulin I used to be on, no more psych meds, and now I am able to work part-time with other people with disabilities. Thank you, Food Babe, for the information you gave that helped me change my life for the better.”~ Kimberly W.

Go, Kimberly, Go!

Isn’t her story inspiring? This is what happens when you stop letting the food industry dictate how you eat.

Instead of looking for that next diet “challenge” or “skinny” shake to help you fit into your swimsuit this summer, you only need to make one simple change…

Stop eating processed food.

That is it. I promise on all of the green juice in the world that when you stop eating processed food and get back eating homemade food that you prepare yourself with the best ingredients, you will make incredible changes.

That is because the big food industry isn’t looking out for you. They don’t care if you get cancer or develop an unhealthy addiction to their product. They don’t care if you can’t lose weight or struggle to keep your energy up during the day. They are in the business of making money and are selling you empty promises they can’t keep.

In my latest book, Feeding You Lies (only ~$15 on Amazon right now), I walk you through a 48-Hour Toxin Takedown that helps you rid toxic processed foods from your pantry and your life. I developed this simple detox meal plan to supercharge your health in a short amount of time. You’ll avoid chemical onslaughts from food, end your sugar and processed food addictions, maximize your detox powers, and rejuvenate your energy levels. The best part? You’ll learn how to never diet again!

Have you done the 48-Hour Toxin Takedown yet? Please leave a comment below and tell me what happened. How did it make you feel? Did it help you change your regular eating habits? Did you get your family or friends on board? What has been your journey since then? Do you have your own success story to share? I’d love to hear from you.

And if you haven’t read Feeding You Lies yet, it’s available at bookstores everywhere and online here.

Let me show you how to cut the toxins from your food and improve your health. I want nothing more than to help you.

Change your food and change your life!



P.S. Health is the greatest gift for a happy, productive life and the greatest wealth anyone can have, but we could lose it at any moment if we’re not vigilant. All it really takes is the belief that you are worth the effort. I invite you to step up, take charge, claim that gift, and keep it forever.

Now is the best time to change your life. I can’t wait to hear your own success story. Submit it here! 

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