How to clean your CPAP equipment

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Daily and thorough cleaning of your CPAP equipment is extremely important to its lifespan and your overall health. In this video we’re going to guide your through the most effective ways to take care of your CPAP equipment so that you save money while also improving your health.

Without proper cleaning bacteria can build up in your CPAP tubing, the water chamber of your humidifier, and the oils from your face can cause cushions and headgears to break down faster than normal. This results in decreased effectiveness of your mask and machine. As parts break down, you will be required to spend more money to make sure that your therapy from your CPAP machine is as effective as possible.

Make sure that you clean your machine, mask, cushion, and other accessories daily and thoroughly, and replace ineffective pieces of your CPAP equipment on time so that your therapy is working at its peak!