Cleaning your cpap 101

For many, the concept of cleaning their CPAP equipment is daunting simply because it’s a machine. Fret not.. this is the idiots guide to cleaning your equipment. I did not cover cleaning your straps because you can throw those into the washing machine or the sink with your dishes or the shower with you in the morning. Use your imagination on your cpap straps and your judgement on when to clean them. if they are all oily and getting disgusting.. wash them. Wash them too often and they will perish though.. so don’ over clean the straps. For the hardware in this video.. the number of times or frequency you wash will not alter their lifespan but it might alter yours if you do not clean enough !

Take note, there is a second more updated cleaning video and I am just finishing the video on how to use a tube cleaning brush for the heated or normal hose.

This cleaning method works for Resmed, Philips but not F&P sleepstyle. That has a different cleaning method.

Facts: Vinegar will not harm any CPAP equipment. It will not hurt the electric terminals on the hose. it will not damage the hose, or any part of the evaporation chamber. You can google search this term “CPAP clean + resmed” etc and see how many people including resmed say to clean it this way. Cheers.