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All the Types of Mattresses

Sleep is one of the precious components of one’s life. For a person to work effectively throughout the day, it is of utmost importance that he/she gets good, sound sleep. And what better way to ensure that rather than investing in a comfy mattress. Many a time, you make dread a trip to the store to choose the best one for you. But you need to realize that now, there is more option than it ever was. The default destination for mattress shopping has been shifted to the online store in this technological era. The company, BedStory just gets even more intense as they set up their online platform to provide the users with the best quality product, at cost-effective ranges.

There are a variety of sizes available with the online shop, namely queen size, which is 60×80 inches, king size, which is 76×80 inches, twin size, which is 38×75 inches, double size, which is 53×75 inches, etc. What is more important is that all the products of BedStory are subjected to several tests after its production. A rigorous, yet standard test of running a heavy roller on each of the mattresses at least 30,000 times takes place to ensure its durability for at least 8 to 10 years. Yet, it is understandable that there is a lot of thinking that goes into before investing in a good one; after all, it is an investment of a lifetime.

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while you shop for a quality one. Not having information is one of the reasons why people end up making an uninformed decision regarding their mattress. Firstly, do not spend more than $1000 on the mattress. Research has shown that that is the maximum money you need to buy a quality one. There are a lot of companies on the market that ranges from too low to too high, with varied choices and designs. But, $1000 is all you need to buy a comfortable and supportive mattress. There are all types you can find on the US market:

1. Foam

Foam is a type of material that can be made by using latex or polyurethane. This is a very popular type that will soften the same moment you lie on it. This is its best characteristic by far. In a matter of seconds, you will feel that the mattress molds to the shape of your body. After you stand up, it will turn itself to the original shape immediately. However, some of the matrasses require an extra effort when you want to change the position.

2. Innerspring

Innerspring is a material that has been used traditionally for making matrasses. They are made of steel coils that come in several configurations to ensure the solidness of the mattress. They consist of several layers of cushioning, infused gel, and a pillowtop layer. They have another name, hybrids. They can have either one or several layers of foam on the springs. When it comes to this type, changing positions is very easy. This is especially good when it comes to ones that have several foam layers.

3. Adjustable Air

Like its name is saying, this type requires inflating to the wanted firmness. This can be done with an electric pump that can be found attached to the bed. Usually, they have several layers of foam on top. The main advantage of having these mattresses is that it will allow you to inflate. Furthermore, you will have additional electric pumps that can be really noisy, and they can wake you up in the middle of the night.

4. Gel

When it comes to gel mattresses, a gel is usually a part of the foam in the upholstery layer or support system. It is somewhat feeling different than you can have with memory foam. So, you can test it and see which ones of these two feelings you prefer. These mattresses can dissipate your body heat with the utmost effectiveness. In case you are not feeling good about the way they absorb your body heat, you can opt for smart gel. It can definitely help you out.

5. Pillow Tops

People who side sleepers usually prefer no to go with gel or memory foam. In this case, they can use something that is known as a pillow topper. Basically, they are just an additional layer of upholstery that is just added. They are both pretty cushiony and very soft. It will provide you with the highest possible comfort because it will let your shoulders to sink into it. It is up to you to choose the softness of your pillow tops. They are generally an addition to coil mattresses or innerspring.

6. Latex Mattresses

The latex mattress is opting or latex foam instead of memory foam. These types are usually made of several natural materials, where synthetic materials are using the most memory foams. Latex is offering several levels of plushness and firmness that will accommodate either stomach, side, or back sleepers. Also, it is somewhat dense and less heating that you can find within memory foam. Naturally, you should choose the one that is more to your liking, instead of reading a plethora of online reviews that you can read on various websites.

7. Air Bed

Similar to waterbeds, air beds are filled with air that serves as the primary support. The chamber is padded with fiber upholstery and foam. Also, the chamber where the air is located is adjustable and will allow you to adjust the firmness of itself. Some of the brands will allow you to adjust both sides separately. This is an exceptional feature that you will not find on a vast majority of manufacturers on the market. Air beds are exceptionally good for couples that require different firmness and back sleepers because of their adjustable firmness.

8. Waterbeds

You will be surprised to know that waterbeds have been around much more than innerspring mattresses. Their inventor, Doctor Neill Arnott, made them in order to help his patients who had problems with bedsores. They are on the market from the 80s. They were exceptionally popular around that time. They can be customized to how you want the reaction to your body and weight. It depends on the way you set up the chambers, how they will be on restricted or free-flowing water flow. Some of the waterbeds will require you to adjust the setting on both sides of the mattress. So, the whole thing is that it is based on your preferences.

9. Adjustable Bases

We are going to end this list of ours with adjustable bases. This is the most flexible type you will find on the market. It will offer you all the support and relief whenever you feel like you need it. You will have all the options of adjusting the height of your feet, elevate your head, or you can provide more support your back. This type is exceptionally good for combination sleepers. In addition, these are perfect for people who have problems with back pain, heartburn, acid reflux, muscle aches, sleep apnea, and many more.

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