How to Clean Sticky Residue From Vinyl

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Many people don’t realize all the things vinyl is used for. Because of that “How to clean sticky residue from vinyl” might sound like it is a way to get the last of the bubble gum off of an old car seat. The fact of the matter is that vinyl has many more uses than just old albums and car seats. The term vinyl simple refers to of of the steps that the polymers go through on their way to becoming a product. Although there are 100′s of products that are made of a vinyl the one almost even knows is PVC. It is what is used as water pipes in residential homes and even to bundle electrical wiring in commercial buildings

PVC and related vinyls are also used to make a lot of the outdoor furniture we use. After time, some of these products will develop an oily, sticky mass on the surface. Sometimes it will come off easily with the average detergent but other times you have to wait until it dries before it will come off, but it will come off.

The things you are going to need:There are two list here. One list is things you are definitely going to need and one list is of cleaners. You will need everything from list one and one from list two.

You must have all of these.

  • Rubber (or latex) gloves
  • Mild detergent
  • Water
  • Cloth or even paper towels

You will only need one cleaner

  • Tilex
  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser
  • Mr Clean Liquid Cleaner
  • DeSolvIt
  • Krud Kutter
  • White vinegar, for the Earth-friendly people

The things you are going to do:

  1. Put on your gloves to avoid a chemical burn.
  2. Apply chosen cleaner. You can do this onto a cloth or directly onto the furniture.
  3. Rub till the residue is gone.
  4. You can scrub if you must but not too hard. That can damage what you are trying to clean.
  5. Wash off the residue. This is what the detergent is for.
  6. Dry now with your remaining towels. Air drying will finish the job.

These are tips you might need:

  • Vinyl is very tough, that is why it is used for so many things. Because of that toughness, you can really use any number of cleaners not listed. If you have a question, however, about whether the cleaner will damage the item you can test it just like you do cloth. You just pick one small area that no one will see or notice and try it there first.
  • In some case you can avoid cleaning off the residue all together by simply using WD-40. It seems to help rebond it in some cases. If nothing else it will leave it shiny.
  • The importance of the washing step can not be overstated. If you do not get all your cleaner off you are going to end up with a new type of mess so wash off the cleaner throughly.
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