How to Clean White Wall Tires

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White wall tires often look very slick on motorcycles as well as collectable cars. However, keeping them clean can be a challenge unless you know what supplies and methods would work.

Supplies Needed

If you want to clean your white wall tires the right way you need the following supplies: Westley’s Bleach White, all-purpose cleaner, Purple Power, SOS pads, and Simple Green. (You would choose from one of these.)

You also need a stiff brush or scrubbing pad (i.e. Scotch Brite or similar). You would use these items in various stages of the whitewall cleaning process.

You can clean your white wall tires using these steps:

    1. Of course, by now you should have chosen one of the commercial cleaning products from the recommendations given above. You can find these in automotive or department stores. Otherwise, you could try a household cleaning product.
    2. Whatever cleaner you choose, spray it directly onto the white wall of the tire. Either that or you should apply it to the scrub pad and then use your muscles as you use the scrubber to wipe dirt and grime from your tire.

  1. As you continue with the cleaning process, rinse the area frequently with water. Then, reapply the cleaner as you need it. You should rinse the scrubbing pad frequently during this entire task and then once done with the cleaning rinse the white wall thoroughly with water. Then, dry the sides of the tire off.

More Advice

The dirt and grime is less visible on the darker portions of your whitewall tires. However, it is still there. You just cannot see it. You can follow the steps above for cleaning this part of the tire.

Alternatively, you could try a mild grease-cutting dish detergent mixed in water. A scrubber designed for use on tires or perhaps old rags would be perfect for this job. Another option would be to try an abrasive household scrubbing agent such as Comet or Soft Scrub cleanser. Baking soda and water made into a paste may also help.

For regular maintenance of your whitewall tires, cleaning them once every week or two is highly recommended. These regular cleanings will prevent grease and dirt buildup and thus the washing steps are less strenuous.


You are advised to test any cleaning agent or household ingredient on a tiny area of the whitewall tire. This will ensure less possibility of damage come time to clean the tire completely later on. If the whitewall stripe is on both sides of your tire you could try facing it towards the car.

Otherwise, if you have a motorcycle tire you are planning to discard you can test it on there. However, you test the cleaning products of your choice on your tires is up to you.

In any case it is better to be safe than sorry. You should also clean the tires off in a well-ventilated area, meaning you should do this in the driveway versus inside a closed garage. This will prevent accidental poisoning or sickness that could occur from breathing in the wrong cleaning fumes.

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